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This Would Be A Dream!

I love wearing woman's lingerie, heels, silks, and satins. I would love to be with a lady that would accept and love the experiences just as much as I do!

There is nothing hotter than a lady in lingerie and I in lingerie playing out our fantasies~!
wjk1849 wjk1849 46-50, M 3 Responses Aug 17, 2012

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I love womens lingerie too. I wear womens clothing everyday. I have enough to fill a average size bedroom closet. I think I am addicted to buying womens clothing for myself. I love shoping for womens clothing online and in the stores. I love a nice well constructed, comfortable fitting Plunge Bra with firm support and lots of forward projection. ALL my bras are from the Lane Brtyant store or their website

my wife don't like me in my panties but puts up with it for me i wear them all the time

Lucky she tolerates it. My ex took me to the cleaners and sought a a doctor with a six figure or better income. So I am here if at all possible to find a like minded and playfully acceptable lady to build that bond and relationship with! No more tolerating or settling for me. Good luck to you!

There are some open minded women who support their men in wearing lingerie. Not easy to find but very affectionate and supportive when you are that lucky. I was lucky when I first started wearing to find a lady who actively encouraged me to be me. Yes the world out there has double standards - I agree - this is just another example of it where a woman can wear anything. As long as we can wear what we feel like, and really most men don't want to parade in public, then the world is a better place for us.