Love Since She Found Out

I feel so complete now that she knows of my lingerie fetish. How she supports and buys for me. I wish i would of found her a long time ago.
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2 Responses Oct 26, 2012

You Are a lucky man. It is great that she is into it and enjoys it too.

I know I really enjoy shopping and my man wearing lingerie. I wish we were both the same size so we could share but no such luck. I wear a size 5 panty and he wears an 8. I am 110 pounds and he is 200. We do but alot of matching lingerie and sometimes even though they are way to big I will wear a pair of his panties and he wears them the next day. I sometimes jack him off with a pair of my panties wrapped around his **** and fill them with his cumm and then wear the cumm filled panties all day.