I Love My Pantie Perv

When my husband of 7years told me he had been secretly wearing my panties I wasn't sure what to think of it. UNTIL I made him wear a pair of crotchless panties, garter belt and thigh highs. I am hooked. Everytime we go shopping together it makes him so happy and he feels truly loved and accepted.
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To you Goddess. And yes you are a goddess any woman wh coiuld be so giving as you deserves this distinktive honor. I always appreciated my wife kinda taking me under her wing. And I had hidden it all of thesenyears. I got into the whole think. No it is just for us. And our special friends. I would think there might bbe a lot more than you see. But if you e the teacher and she is the studend you all will build a love you ccan share. BUT NW he OWES you ♡♡ 5you aso. This is most of all of our believes. Bless you and if I may migght I add you toourr cicle. If yyou dontwant turn it down. We are. Obedient2her2000@yahoo..com. thankyou and curtsey to yyou

Kudos to both of you ! Your husband has been blessed to find such a wonderful women !

I also love to wear stockings and garter belts. Your man is very lucky. I bet you have a lot of fun shopping together.

I love shoping and buys my husband and I matching lingerie. He wishes we both were the same size so we could share. He is retired and I can hardly wait every evening to come home and see what he is wearing

My wife found one of my bras a few years ago, and I had to confess to her that it was mine. She then asked me if I wore panties also, and when I said sometimes she wanted me to put on my bra, and she got a pair of her panties for me to put on. She wanted to see what I looked like. From that day on I have worn panties all the time. I am lucky that her size fits me, so she puts them all in one pile and we just grab from the top.

Glad you support your husband wearing panties

I secretly wore my wife's panties until she caught me. Then she "forced" me to wear them a few times. I loved it

Not I cant wear womens stuff.Not for me.

I don't wear my wife's I wear my own. We shop together for them.