I Think That The Girls Get All The Fun Stuff To Wear!!

Told my wife one day I wanted to feel the way she does wearing lingerie, she said okay and giggled at the notion I wanted to wear her lingerie. So she picked a pair of panties and a bra for me to try and said lets see how comfortable these are. I quickly tried them on and have been hooked since, just wish it was more acceptable for men to express their feelings. Since then we have bought matching night gowns and other lingerie Items. Its fun to play dress up and it seems our relationship has become much stronger.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

My wife was the same way with me. She had me try on a pair of her panties, and found that we wore the same size. I had mentioned a bra and the next day she went and bought one that she figured was my size. The next thing I mentioned was to have boobs to fill the bra. She said why not. She said that her HRT pills were mostly estrogen, and she had read all about males growing boobs, and if I wanted to I could take her pills. I told her I didn't so, as I reached for the pills and water. She got a big kick out of that. She said, " I see you are serious about growing boobs." I can not pass in fem, so I wear a 38B bra, which I fill with my own ***, and panties all the time now. We do wear the same style of bra, so we do go around the house a lot in the morning with a bra and panties on under a sheer nightie. I am so lucky that she enjoys that side of me.