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A Wonderful New Year


My Name is Dave. I am Brendas husband. I have enjoyed having her tell you all about our exploits and for a long time she has encouraged me to add to her site. As she has told you I have been very conservative all my life so sitting here doing this is differant for me.

First I want to say that I am the luckiest guy in the world to have Brenda in my life. Not only because she is sexy and beautiful but she has opened my life to so many wonderful and exciting experiances. Now for those of you who have read about the things we have done, some may agree and find it totally hot and exciting and some may think we are crazy. Both is okay with us. I wont judge you for the things you like to do so please dont judge us. That is as long as it is done by consenting adults.

I have known Brenda for over 4 years. Let me tell you first that I have beem married more than once. I met Brenda at work and we hit it off and since we moved in together we had a great sex life but since it went past great to WOW. I am 61 years old and still have a very strong sex drive. In the time we have been together I dont think we have gone 10 days without sex. She is so great that if I come to her horny and she isnt she has no problem giving me a blow job. I have gone to her work and told her I was horny and we would **** in the restroom or she would suck me off. If I tell her that I ****** another woman she wants to hear all about it and that makes her horny. She has even listened in on the phone while I have ****** another woman and when she got home we have wild sex. I enjoy knowing about the guys she is ******* also.

As for my crossdressing, What started as a joke has turned into a fun a enjoyable experiance that we both enjoy. It feels so good to put away the manly side once in awhile and be soft and fem. She has told me that since we started this I have become a better husband and lover and a few women who we have had sexual relationships with have said the same. It has alos opened up sexual activity as we both not only share other women but we share other men.

I guess what I am saying is this. We are about to start a new year and we all need to accept what others enjoy without judging them. That doesnt mean its something you have to participate in. It only means look at it with an open mind and be happy that someone is enjoying them selves without hurting another person. If you are a woman that has aman that you have discovered likes wearing womens cloths, rmember he is the same guy you married and he isnt hurting anyone. If you support him then he may become even more of the person you fell in love with. As you go into the new year try to let all of the bullshit go and enjoy life just a little bit more. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Brenda56 Brenda56 36-40, F 4 Responses Dec 26, 2012

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Great story Dave

Great story wish my wife was as open minded as yours, she can't bring herself to help me dress in lingerie

I am a very lucky guy Thanks

Great story. I totally agree with you. I'm very glad that you two found each other.