I Wear Panties And Women'S Jeans!

I like the way they feel and my wife really gets a huge turn on when I am wearing them, I will come home ***** off my jeans and wear just a shirt and panties for her, she love the way my *** just peeks out from the shirt, she says its a huge tease and excites her. I like the way they feel and move with my body especially when all in silk. Sometimes I will wear her lingerie for her in bed that really gets her going and she rips and tears into me like a wild animal for hours. Hell I think don't even own a pair of mens underwear except for a couple of pairs of exotic papi, and jockey boxer briefs, other than that it is all silky and sultry panties. My wife and I shop together. Hell I don't even own a pair of mens pants anymore, except for a couple of tight wrangler cowboy jeans I wear with my cowboy boots when we go to country bars and horseback riding. In other words I dress very feminine and love it. Women compliment me all the time on my attire. Usually dry fit sport shirts plain in dark colors black and blue, Long women's size 11/12 stretch boot cut, low waist, slim at the waist and thigh and sneakers, thick belts to match. My wife says from behind I could be mistaken for a girl but thats what she likes, I have been told most women like a feminine but muscular man who understands a women and her needs to the fullest.

Thank you ladies for your input and inspirations.
ninjastreaker ninjastreaker
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1 Response Feb 2, 2013

That's awesome ! My gf feels the same way when I wear lingerie,hosiery and panties !