A Man Can Wear My Panties

Any man (or woman) who admires me is welcome to wear my panties on the proviso that he / she asks me and not go and pinch my panties from my drawer. I have a few panties to which I attach a great sentimental value as they were given to me by admirers (male and female ) and I would hate it if a new admirer pinches one of my panties. If a guy is really into it, he can buy me a few panties and I will wear them for a day and give it back to him - no problem.
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11 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I love to wear youre panties i prefer ladies worn silky nylon full and half slips and
having you **** my hard **** till i *** into youre slips ,THE DIRTIER THE BETTER.
Iam a mature male who also loves wearing pink plastic baby pants,pantygirdles,playtex cross youre heart bra in sz20C and high waist silky nylon fullbriefs.

Very nice!!!!

wow. what a thrill

sounds wonderful goddess :)

What a thrill it would be to wear your panties xx

a wonderful offer.

How does one get in on the "panty exchange" I will, gladly, send you some panties if you would wear them and send them back to me. Let me ask you this, would you be willing to extend that offer to other items as well? I'm a big big fan of open bottom girdles and would love to own one that had been worn by you. Can we maybe take it a step further and could I send you money so you could purchase the items instead of me sending the actual item? I'm a big fan of yours and would cherish any and all of your lingerie previously worn by you!

Have my own supply of panties so thanks for offer but not needed,however you are still needed as my friend dear one.

Woohoo. ;-)

Its a great honour a lady giving you her panties to wear. You are welcome to borrow mine as well.

Wear them and give them back, nice offer