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Hello all,

The following is a true story from the Fall of 2009. I still chat with my friend, but she has sinced moved away.

I had an experience back in late 2009 where a longtime online friend invited me to her place to meet for the first time. She knew I dressed as we met (online) through a clothing ad she had posted on Craigslist a couple years earlier. We had chat and phone talked but never met in person until this Fall day.

I had packed quite a few of my things and carried them with me, but left them in my truck once I arrived at her place. I found her apartment and made my way to her door. Nervous as heck, I knocked upon her answer. I looked over the parking lot as several folks were in tune to a strange vehicle / person in their domain. From across the lot a woman hollered " you looking for someone'...well, duh...I started down the steps and there was my and a closer view verified this.

She invited me back up ( I was in male mode, though pantied) and immediately presented me a pair of Vassarette Fishnet stockings she had found at a discount store the previous day. We made a late morning / early afternoon chat. Did a light lunch, shared a glass of wine, and talked of numerous subjects, some how skimming the crossdressing. She invited me back to her bedroom to watch a movie ( yes, it was a pg-13) and this was where her vhs player was at. About 15 minutes into the movie, she lit up and exclaimed we can shoot some pictures of you!...did you bring anything??? well, duh part 2...

I asked if she was sure and she said certainly that she would get her camera while I went to get my things. I went back to my truck and aquired my bag. Went back to her room and placed it on her bed. She asked if it was okay to look through my clothes...I informed her she was the first to ever do this and please do. She immediately began to pull items from the bag and ooh or ahh and the occassional giggle. Some things she did not see me in, others were "cute" and the rest was put to the side. She began to put items together she wanted to see me in and I began to dress for her. as I dressed, she began to shoot pictures. There was much giggling from her, nervous smiles from me, and in general was a fun afternoon. She would pose me, adjust my seams, straps, or lines, and only once touched me in a way that pleasantly shocked harm done. she went through a few of her things and asked me to dress in them as well. She insisted I keep a few of the pieces but kept the rest. About 50 pictures or so later, we called it a shoot. My friend did tell me several times how wet she had become but refused to show me.

For the record, she never saw me in anything less than panties and I never saw her out of her jeans or blouse. It was a fun day and we talk of doing it again. It was agreed in advance of this day, no sex was expected or desired, but to meet as friends only. We managed to do so. This was my first time dressed for a chick
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thank you for the comment...and for the record...the gown I am wearing in my profile picture is her's...

thank you!