I don't know why or what it is but they are just so cute and adorable. I cant help but not love them! XD lol

Silly thoughts from silly Marie.
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Aw! show me your lil belly honey! Ill bet its cute :)

Really? .. i never knew

I did! we had a whole disscussion about how I have a thing for belly buttons and the only thing you said was that you thought it was cute that i like them.. how are you withold!!! lol

seriously... after you told me so much other stuff? geesh lady, all it had to be was oh "oh, me too." :P

Soooooo hot

I am with u!

I love the feeling of waking in the morning with my girlfriends hand resting on my tummy,i love to kiss her tummy too....tummy's are lovely mmmmmmm

Not silly at all, they are soft, warm and beautiful. I love stroking my cheek against my girlfriend's tummy and I love it when she rubs mine!