Wonderful - Where To Start

Where can I start about how much I love women? I do love them, I won't deny that. I love women and cannot get enough of them. It's the intelligence, the intuition, the hearts that reside in such beautiful bodies along with the souls. It's the grace, the mercy, the dignity and the humor. Women just never fail to amaze me, I've always responded better to women than to men. This is nothing personal against you fellows, this just happens to be the way things are. The way they smell is also heavenly - talk about intoxication!!! I cannot tell you how many times a woman has walked by and I've just taken a great big whiff of her scent whether it be perfume or her Herbal Essences shampoo. Let's not leave out one of the most important features: the eyes, a woman can leave me breathless and breathing hard just with a look from those enchanting yet devilish come hither eyes. There's a temptress than dwells within all women and I am seeking one who would do me the favor of letting me uncage that wildcat. Then there's the way they dress with inevitably ties in with the body, DAMN  .   .   . see if my tongue doesn't get dry in a hurry when a woman in skirts, tights - boots with a leather jacket on comes in. In winter, it's lycra and as Steve Harvey said: 'Ladies there is something in us when we see you dressed a certain way  .  .  . OHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!'

And it really is the truth, those are literally the words that tumble through my mind when I see those legs that go on for days - the unbelievable curves I want to crash my car on and it takes me quite some time to come up with a witty word as I usually have ready when they come up to my register. Yes I love women, yes I cannot get enough of them and if it were up to me - I would open up HERLAND, populated exclusive by women for women with me as the only guy. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 7, 2010