My French Maid Punishment

I love being fully dressed in A French maid outfit ,black andd white frilly dress,stockins!heels frilly hat ,plus one day I went to the tennis club to chage into my maid outfit . The club was closed on Mondays and I had the key to clean the club after the weekend.
I used this time to dress in my maid outfit because no one else would be around .
I was fully dressed in my costume and hair and make up and I just started to flounce about when the door was opened and in came four female members. They said to me what are you doing here in that outfit .
I tried to hide myself and removed my hat ,but they told me to leave the outfit on and they made me pose for them as they took photographs of me in all sorts of positions.
They also tickled me on my frilly panties with a very stiff prickly brush and made me bend over a table to be spanked when I was naughty . They kept me there untill I had cleaned the whole club which took about four hours,and they told me to dress like this each Monday or else they would post the pics to every one
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1 Response May 19, 2012

I love being dominated by these four women whilst dressed in my maids outfit

That is an extremely hot story and I would have loved to have taken your place.