A Daring Chance That Paid Off!

Some years ago I was injured at work and I made a claim on an insurance policy that protected any regular payments that i had going out. After the first month they paid out, however they wanted to send a representative to interview me about my claim; we arranged a time and date and I awaited their arrival.

I was delighted to see a very attractive young woman in her mid 20`s approaching my door. She had on a dark grey two piece skirt suit, just a little too high above the knee to be really formal I thought, a white blouse, black court shoes and I noticed that whe wore a single strand of pearls around her kneck. She was about five feet seven inches tall but her heels made her look taller; I also noticed that she wore `Barely Black` stockings or pantyhose. She had dark hair, short in a `Page Boy` type style and she did not appear to be wearing make up.

Her name was Paula, and she informed me that she had to make regular calls in order to ensure that my claim was genuine. She sat opposite me in an arm chair, crossing her legs shortly after she sat down; I could see that she was wearing stockings and that really caught my attention. She noticed that I had noticed, and she held my gaze rather than looking away or appearing tobe embarassed. I don`t know what possessed me but I told her that I thought that stockings were much nicer than pantyhose, and that I could`nt help noticing that she wore them today. She looked at me for about five seconds then told me that she always wore them except in the winter time; well, I told her that I was a keen admirer of stockings and was disappointed that my wife did`nt wear them.

I made coffee, and we got to the task in hand; just a list of questions and a request for some documentation relating to my injury. We soon got down to small talk, and i expected that as I had been told that investigators for insurance compainies do this in order to suddenly hit you with a question when your guard is down. She crossed her legs again, this time giving me a nice flash of stocking top and dark blue suspenders. I saw no point in hiding my pleasure, so I told her I thought her lovely legs were enhanced by her stockings, and that I liked her taste in underwear; in fact I had only seen her suspenders briefly but she thought I had seen more. Again she fixed me with a gaze before saying `you are a bit of a lad are you not?`. Well I replied that I`m all male and could`nt help but look when faced with such a lovely young lady.

She asked where my wife was; as it happened she was away in Edinburgh with friends for a few days, so i told her that I was home alone. I quickly followed this by asking if she had anywhere else she needed to be. `Actually, no, not until this afternoon` she replied with a knowing smile. I had real hard erection on and I had not tried to hide it; `stay for lunch?` I ventured. `Is this a seduction technique of yours?` she asked. Now this was getting ahead of me and I became a little nervous, wondering how to respond. `We could get straight to business if you prefer` I replied slowly, thinking this is where I get a slap in the mouth or she calls the police!

She was walking around the open plan lounge and approached the stairs, stopping when she reached them. `care to show me around` she asked. I was straight there; I took her hand and led her upstairs, my heart pounding, whereas she looked very cool and relaxed.

`Look, I have a thing about guys in uniform, or who do risky jobs, so you have a head start, but i don`t have all day. You liked my stockings you said?` I nodded and caught my breath as she unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor; she gave me pouting twirl so I could see all round. She slipped off her jacket as she finished her 360 degree turn; `You liked my underwear did you?` she laughed, I could see when she moved her jacket aside that she was not wearing panties! No wonder she thought me bold!

I dropped to my knees in front of her and got my face right into her *****, which was nicely trimmed but not shaven; she dropped back on the bed and let me eat her ***** for about five minutes before pulling me up to her. `Make love to me now and do me hard, then we can play games for a while afterwards`. I had my things off in in record time before I realised that she was going to have do the work unless I did her doggy style standing up with her bent from the waist. She swung herself on top of me and just about rode me into the bed frame! She came in a long shuddering gasp but I still had a **** like an iron bar and was too excited to ***!

We spent a lovely couple of hours, and she told me she would be back in two weeks to see how I was getting on.

More later, I have to go out now.

This happened at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire in 1988, and this is a true account....I don`t make up stories.
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Can life be that easy ? If it is so a great experience .

Chances or opportunities do arise; its a matter of being able to recognise them and having the audacity to act upon them...`Who Dares Wins`, although in my case I have regrets about things that I have done, so take care with your life.

Still love this story, SL. Have to come back and read it from time to time.

I do intend to write a little more about my other meetings with that lady...I`ll do it soon.

Will look forward to that, my friend. Describe her outfits to a tee (as well as what was under them. lol). By any chance you didn't just happen to talk her into, and then out of, a pair of jodhpurs, did you? (just kidding)

No! But she did have a very nice *** in Levi Jeans...

You've got my attention.
Also, been thinking about that cute RAF officer you told me about.

If you like boots and jodhpurs, you would probably like my wife when she is dressed for a mornings ride...I am talking about `horses` by the way!

There is no doubt about it... I would! I can only imagine and the vision it conjures up in my mind makes me smile.... and fantasize. I love jodhpurs on women as much as I love business suits.

There were lots of cute female RAF Officers around; but the competition for their attention was stiff!

I'll bet. And literally as well as figuratively. I think you told me once how long it's been since you retired from the RAF. I'm a buff of WWII movies and always had a thing for the women wearing the blue uniforms from that era (two that come to mind are The Battle of Brittan and 633 Squadron). I know that uniforms have changed since then in the various branches of service, but I was wondering if they've change a lot. Always wondered what the ladies wore under those uniforms. Figure you are someone who can speak from experience as to what they did.
Still love this story. Well written, as I've told you before.

When I first joined, the ladies were expected to provide their own underwear; `suitable for the requirements of their job`...however, some of the older guys, often civilian employed but ex RAF, remembered the `issue` knickers that WAAF`s were expected to wear...Passion Killers! However, these long suffering ladies rarely wore them after their initial training. One chap told me that the girls were subjected to `spot checks` by female NCO`s during this training period, which I think was around 9 weeks.

All the girls wore tights in my day; very rarely were stockings worn, although I did know a female NCO who was the station commanders driver, she wore stockings at his request! he was a dirty old bugger, but she sucked his **** on occasions and she did very well out of it.

You must have known her very well for her to confide in you about her experiences with your station commander. But couldn't he, or the both of them, get in trouble if they were found out; him being an officer and her being a NCO? Still... rank aside... sounds like he was a very lucky guy.

Technically both would have been in trouble but it went on; see my stories about Colette.
I knew this NCO driver well; I ****** her one night when I was duty officer.

Incredible... and awesome! Would love to hear a play by play about it.

You have just given me an idea; it was a fairly brief but passionate affair, but worth writing about...assuming that EP will allow me to post it these days!

As far as your comment about me liking your wife when she's dressed for her morning ride in her jodhpurs and riding boots... you are dead on right. Would like to hear more about the different colors and...what she wears (or doesn't wear) under them.
(And I knew which ride you were talking about. )

She wears the traditional cream ones mostly but has dark blue ones as well. Her *** looks great in them. She wears 'no visible panti line' thin panties, always white; and usually wet when she gets back. I've ****** her in the stables when no one was around; that was a while ago.

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Outstanding account! Well written! I share your love of women in business attire and your desc<x>ription of her was the perfect image! What she wore was professional as well as alluring and sexy all together. And you're right about insurance company reps using the small talk tactic to hit you with that killer question when your guard is down. Hey... it's their business to weed out the fraudulent claims, as, unfortunately, there are many out there. <br />
But the icing on the cake, for me, was the finale when you said she swung herself on top of you and rode you into the bed fr<x>ame. Nothing like a good cowgirl session, but from your desc<x>ription, she gave you a dynamic one. Would love to hear even more about that (could you tell from my screen name?).<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing that "More later" you mentioned in closing.