My Next Door Neighbor

In my teenage years I lived next door to family and I would look after the kids from time to time. I was invited over one sunday afternoon to watch the kids who were aged 8 and 11. Their parents and grandparents were going to see a theatrical performance and it was a grown ups event. Lunch was provided and I could watch tv while the kids played in their rooms. When I got there the kids dad was in a suit making a drink with the football game on the tv. The mom invited me into the kitchen for lunch. I noticed a blue women's suit jacket on a dining room chair as I entered the kitchen. At the kitchen counter was a middle aged woman in a blue skirt, white blouse with sleeves rolled up, suntan pantyhose on her feet and an apron. She was not wearing any shoes. She told me to help myself to a soda or whatever as I sat down. She walked over to the table and presented me with a plate of soup and a sandwhich. She smiled and told me she had to finsih getting ready. She removed her apron and hung it on a peg next to the counter. She walked into the dining room and retreived her jacket and put it on. She then went up stairs to fix her makeup and put on her shoes. When she came back downstairs were make up was perfect and on her feet were a pair of strappy white high heel sandals. She looked really sexy in this outfit. This was the first time I knew open toe heels with pantyhose and a business suit were sexy.
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Jan 13, 2013