Another Neighbor

The people down the street were going out for dinner. i was asked to hangout with their kids so they could go out. When I got to their house The wife came to the door in a blue pinstriped skirt suit with white blouse, suntan hose and tan medium heeled pumps. She gave me some instructions and invited me into the family room were we sat on the couch. She crossed her left leg over her right and dangled her left shoe from her foot. Soon her shoe hit the hardwood floor with a thud. She rubbed her shoeless foot and asked me if I could hand her the shoe. I handed it to her and she slipped it back on her foot. Her husband called her name and told her it was time to go. They left and headed out for dinner. Those legs and those feet accented by the suit was such a turn on. One can only wonder what type of night her husband had.
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Jan 13, 2013