*coughs* Can't Breath!

Chokers really compliment a woman's slender neck, but it tends to become itchy and too tight at times.

I own a choker actually. It is pearl beaded with a diamond heart pendant. It is very beautiful, but I hate the mark it leaves on my neck when I take it off!

Chokers are adorable and can compliment any elegant outfit

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

haha I know exactly what you mean. When I go to bed you can see where my choker was. If yiu wear it alle night it;s no problem. And wearing is more loose is not an option, a choker should fit well

Chokers are a great look for women. It sounds like it leaves a mark, rather like my collar when I've worn it with extra starch and my tie very tight all day. A bit of suffering for fashion I guess!

id like to see a picture of you wearing a choker lol

Haha no I wish. I have always wanted to take a pic of me wearing it though...I can if you want :)

That sounds like a beautiful choker you have. You wouldn't by chance have any pictures of you wearing it?