The Lady Principal's Fur Coat

I started school in the 1945-46 school year and the lady principal wore a fur coat in the cool weather season. She was very dignified, very tall for a lady (about 6 feet), a through professional and a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, which we children soon observed. Her fur coat was just short of full length medium brown and she was a brunette. She patrolled the playground and lunch room to give the teachers a break from their labors.

On cool playground day (wearing that beautiful fur coat) she lined up the misbehavers separately and marched those boys to her office while everyone else went back to classes. The boys were called one at a time into her office (my room was right next to the office) and you would hear about 9 to 12 very loud smacks with her paddle on those poor boy's bottom accompanied with loud crying all the way back down the hall on the way to their room.

Everyone felt safe and protected in a no bullying school. You certainly did not want to be referred to her for discipline. Little kids would line up for a hug from her at the end of the school day, and I remember the cool silky feel of her fur coat as I got my end of the day hug. What glorious memories I have of my elementary school principal.
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

yes her earing fur coat of prboly look very hot in it and can see why like give her hug every chance get to

That sounds wonderful

I would have been first in line for a hug from a lady in a fur coat every time.

I would deliberately have misbehaved every day for the experience of being punished by a lady in a fur coat.

Except those paddle swats were from no small paddle. I'd opt for the hugs definitely.

Kind of a Cruella de Ville.. -- but I would follow her around too if I were in school back then.