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How often do you see women dressed without concern to proper bra fit and abdominal fat rolling over their pants waist line?
Why? I guess it's the trend today, "modern sloppy?"
A proper fitting bra, a long line and/or a well fitting high waist long leg panty girdle would aid towards the attractiveness of the majority of them.
There are so many outlets to bra fitting, internet links abound. Her Room and other retailers have beautiful videos for the woman who thinks she can do the fitting on her own. Put bra fitting into You Tube's search engine!
I can remember my mom, in the 1950's, always dressed in a Merry Widow or long line bra and girdle, so aware of her appearance.
Even on days when she worked, owning and operating a large factory.
Will this trend ever be broken, changes made. Hope so!
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Most of my female counter parts, are in this modern sloppiness, and it does stop there

While you gurls die to get into our bras, many of us ( except for me, I like wear them puul them up) hate to wear them.

here's an example ON EP:,

You should so test this on the net: "I hate to wear bras" and check out the responds, take time to read some.

Maybe bras shoud be worn by you new feMALES

The last few weddings I attended really punctuate this criticism of current fashion conventions. So many special dresses purchased for a single, special occasion, so many opportunities to look exponentially better with even a mild foundation for smoothing, at least. So many young women seem to talk about Spanx, but they are rarely in evidence beneath figure-skimming satin dresses at special occasions that I attend. <br />
<br />
If at least the Spanx line would have a renaissance under special occasion wear, we would be on the right trajectory for serious foundations, which can make any woman look so much better under formal clothes, to stage a comeback! <br />
<br />
There was a chain of custody of the wisdom behind fashion that was passed from mother to daughter for generations. When a young woman was shopping for her 23th or 14th Easter, the shopping trip stopped at Mum's foundation shop to find something grown-up and suitable for the budding teen. She was excited to enter the sorority of womanhood, and finally wear stockings and a real girdle, like her older sis and mom. That enthusiasm for this femininity carried fashionable foundations for generations. Break that chain in the late 60s, and the future is lost! It is so difficult to young women whose appearance would be enhanced with proper foundations daily to buck the fashion trends that even eschew hosiery these days. What a sin -- and no hosiery, no need to hold them up, no need even for pantyhose with a bit of control to flatten young tummies. <br />
<br />
It is hard to imagine how this decades long trend away from pretty foundations would ever be reversed. Even women who go retro under their wedding gowns seem prone to buy that one flimsy merry widow for the day, and then relegate it to the bottom drawer forever, never to be enjoyed again.

I believe with sites like this and others getting out the positive word of the great overall benefits of being daily in a girdle things will change. I mean who wouldn't want to be girdled you have a dramatic increase in energy and confidence, you gain a health benefits of being firmly supported which helps you posture.