A Clean Girdle

Girdles are tempermental items, the laundering is pretty critical to increase the longevity of the garments.
I was recently gently admonished by my corsetierre to wash my girdles in Ivory or Dreft.
Bleach harms the elastic fibres, they break, frey, and the girdle"s half life suffers.
Any other tips?
I air dry the girdles on a mesh frame, then hang them in my closet on pants hangers.
moyerj aka Sportsdoc
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Great advice. I hang mine out on the line in the enclosed walled garden of my semi detached, there's only an elderly lady next door.

Cleaning girdles should be in cold water and with very light soap, and you should air dry. It is best to have a minimum of 3 girdles, one to clean one to wear and one in your girdle draw. That way you can be confidence to daily be in a girdle.

good idea of using ivory, and air drying is so important. i hand wash my other delicates, esp my full-slips and bras thanks for the tip!