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I Am A Woman In Girdles & Longline Bras.

I am a woman of 54, still very attractive & slim, so I don't require a girdle or longline bra for shape control or support, but for the past 36 years I have never purchased any lingerie except for long leg all-in-one girdles, longline bras & high waist, long leg panty girdles (to go with the bra). I simply adore the feel & the look of these garments. Wearing them makes me feel perpetually aroused, gives me a sense of confidence & empowerment, emotional serenity & improved mental prowess. I truly feel sorry for anyone who's missing out on this experience. Putting on my lingerie is like taking a daily tonic.
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I would love to watch you put it on . . . . They are my favorites !!

I enjoy dressing a woman in an erotic bra and girdle to shape her feminine curves, and let her feel my control with the tightness of the undergarments. Alas, few women wear girdles or waist cinchers in recent years.

I love a longline bra. I am very small and petite but I love the feel of being structured with very high and firm pointy breasts. teamed with a high waisted panty girdle this is a wonderful daily experience.

I'm wearing both now and feel great!

A lady after my own heart!

I take it that you know the feeling. I love catching sight of my high pointy breasts in the mirror and know what I am wearing beneath

Please add me!

I wear a bra daily for gynecomastia. I love the comfort I get from it. Very good decision.

my gosh, would I ever like to meet you!!!

I wish I could wake up and admire you as you dress in them. then when you leave slip into them myself

I have been wear similar corsetry since Matron started forcing me into them when i was about 10yrs old. My H made me promised before he married me that i would never own or wear anything else, all of mine are open bottom and no panties allowed ever,the longlines are all bullet style, i have to have my large breasts up as high and out as far as possible every day for him or its the punishment corsetry for a week or two.

I agree with the earlier poster. You are a woman after my own heart. I wish more women were like you. I'd love to see some pictures of You in your girdle and long line bra.

I agree with the earlier poster. You are a woman after my own heart. I wish more women were like you. I'd love to see some pictures of You in your girdle and long line bra.

First of all you were very smart to wear a girdle everyday. Wearing a girdle everyday has nothing to do with being slim and attractive and the fact you might not need to wear a girdle. From what I have<br />
researched and talked with a few corsetiers everybody no matter does benefit from daily wearing a well fitted girdle. You are correct you do feel empowered and sexy be you a male or female. I wake up everyday the first thing I think about is putting on a girdle, I clean up and put myself in a girdle, as soon as I am girdled I feel a dramatic increase in energy and confidence that goes on the entire day. Yes it does take a little getting use to, and yes it is best to be professional fitted by a corsetier. <br />
<br />
I agree people who have not had the experience of daily wearing a girdle just absolutly do not know what they are missing.

your comments are so true. the feeling of control you have when your foundations are controlling you is a great start to a day.

your comments are so true. the feeling of control you have when your foundations are controlling you is a great start to a day.

I can agree to what you wrote. I wear girdles and bras every day and have done so for long years. And it still fasninates me when I slip into my girdle and bra in the morning and fasten my stockings to the garters. I love the feeling when my forms bounce in my bra with every step and I feel the soft tug of the stockings with every step.

hi! i like wearing a young smoothie all in one, that has a split crotch, and 6 attached garters. it really holds you in and feels so great!

You are one of the world's great ladies. Thank You for your devotion to good foundation wear.

My mom, the lingerie designer for young girls, wore a Merry Widow, at least 3-4 times per week. Rarely, but sometimes, she would ask me to help her with the hooks and eyes. <br />
My first girdle was a Poirette Promise, open bottom, wished I still had it, that was 50 years ago!<br />
My latest aquisition is a Custom Maid 744, wonderful garment, not an exercise or hiking girdle, but for lounging only.<br />

Seeing my aunt wiggle into her girdle everyday and then attach her stockings was what got me into crossdressing. She wore a lace-up corset once in a while and had me lace her up, which also helped. And she never wore panties beneath it.

Sounds very sexy would you let me see....

sound like your a milf

I have been wearing longline bras all types of girdles and stockings since the day before i was married, my H told me he wanted this and he is the master so i have been wearing them ever since and knickers are not allowed at all or trousers either, skirts or dress's only no matter what the weather,

what size longline bra and girdle do you wear? id love to buy you 1 of each in exdhange for your old ones

I wear a re enforced 54" longline bullet bra and a 22"girdle or corset which is laced to 19" with a 7" pipestem

I am a 70 year old very straight guy, wearing a girdle every day when I exercise, jog, hike, and sleep.<br />
The low back pain, stiffness, and hip discomfort have disappeared, now almost 11 months.<br />
My latest aquisition is a Custom Maid, satin lined high waist, long leg panty. Luxurious to say the least!<br />
Style #744, bought it from Shapewear and More, great retail site, wonderful customer service!<br />
My mother wore a girdle, Merry Widow, would not even get the mail without being girdled.<br />
She designed little girl and teen lingerie for many years, something of the past...satin robes, lots of lace.<br />
It is wonderful hearing about your sensations of arousal being in lingerie and shapewear.<br />

You are indeed a woman after my own heart. It's too bad that more women such as you don't exist and take the time and pleasure to properly "under dress".