... My Wife And Girdles

I have always liked girdles since the first time I saw up a mature womans skirt in the 1960's and saw all the mysterious garters and stockings and panties.. wow.. a lot going on there...(it was an open bottom girdle.. my favorite although I like them all) My like was made even stronger the first time I put my hand up a chubby girls skirt and felt all that spandex, lycra and whatever it was all made of..never had sex with her.. I guess girdles make good chastity belts too....I was turned on by things my wife told me... she is older than I am and we were married in the late 1970's...she would wear them for warmth and would be embarrassed when she knew guys could see up her skirt.. especially when holding a car door for her on a date..she thought men didn't like them.. which i guess there are a lot of misguided men who don't....but it turns me on for any man to see up my wifes skirt regardless of what she is wearing but I guess that is another chat room... I wish more women wore them and more women showed them... my wife has put on a lot of weight over the years and is now a size 18...I have a drawer full of girdles,,, long leg .. open bottom and even a panty girdle that is just a very soft light weight lace panty brief with garters on it with a thin nylon crotch that I just can't bear to get rid of ... maybe i could go to another town and sell them at a flea market... i would love to see her wear one of those kymora body shapers... with no bra.. so it makes her ******* jut out.... hope you enjoy... would love to hear from you......
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2 Responses Jul 8, 2011

You'd be surprised at how many girdle lovers there are. Visit a lingerie Botique and check out the lighter weigh Shapewear. You'll find something you both will enjoy.

One thing i like about girdles they are tight and when you get a hot ***** in one, that ***** gets hotter and wetter and when you pull that girdle off you got yourself a very hot wet fragrant *****!! When a woman has a nice bush like your wife that fragrance is multiply for all night enjoyment!! My **** hard thinking about it!