Venus Cortland Long Line Bra

Last week I was out and near the Lady Grace warehouse and store. I have been thinking of buying another long line bra so today was the day.  I pulled into the parking area and entered the store.

One of the sales associates greeted me as I walked up to the counter.  She asked how could she help and I said I wanted a long line bra.  I asked for a catalog and she had an older one so I could find the model number for the Venus Cortland long line bra.  She looked the bra on the computer and ordered one from the warehouse.  After the bra came from the warehouse she walked me to the fitting room as I wanted to try it on.

I tried on the bra and it fit well and felt comfortable.  Walking back to the counter I just had to  look around.  You just never know what one will find in the clearance area.

The bra was only available in white.  I just checked the website and find it in Blush.  I may just have to order another in the second color.  After paying for the bra I returned to my car to drive on.
jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
Sep 9, 2012