Confessions Of A Shoe Salesman

As a college student I faced many challenges. My biggest challenge was paying for my tuition.
As a freshman in college I worked in a shoe store selling women's shoes. It was the only job I could find at the time and since I was the newest clerk in the store I got stuck working in womens shoes. I met a lot of women while on the job. I made a lot of tips by complimenting and listening to my customers. I had to wear dress pants, dress shirt and a tie. I was well groomed and I got hit on by lots of women. One morning an older woman came into the store wearing a brown skirt, tan silk blouse and was wearing nude pantyhose and ballet flats. She had blue eyes and red hair standing at five foot four. I greated her and asked how I could help.
She stated she was in search of some shoes for a lunch date. I took her over to her seat and measured her feet. She was a size seven. I asked her what type of shoe she was wanting. She winked at me and said something provacative. She explained something in case she wanted to play footsie she could remove from her foot quickly. I brought her out a pair of tan open toe mules, a pair of tan platform peep toe pumps and a pair of brown strappy open toe slingbacks. I brought out all three pairs of shoes. She tried on all three and modeled them. First the tan mules. She looked good in them. She sat down crossed her right leg over the left and dangled the right shoe from her foot. She winked at me and said these might work yet let me try the next pair. She tried the tan platform pumps and dangled the left shoe from her left foot. She liked them yet did not think they had much personality. Next she tried the brown slingbacks. She crossed her right leg over the left and had that shoe directly in my crotch. She smiled and said these are the ones. She opened up her purse and tipped me ten bucks. She paid for her shoes and glided out of the store. I wished I was under the table to watch the foot show during that lunch date.
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Nov 25, 2012