Caught By My Friend's Mom

Marge lived nearby when I was growing up. Her son and I were close to the same age. Marge worked at an office when we were in school so I often saw her come home from work. She wore a dress or a skirt almost every day and always wore nylons. I had many dreams about her and her nylon covered legs as I was growing up that I would awaken from in a horny mood. I'm sure you know what every young male would do in that situation and I was no different.

One day i stopped over to see if my friend was home. Nobody answered the door. For some unknown reason, I decided to try the door and it was not locked! I slightly opened the door and asked if anyone was home but there was no answer. I stood there for a couple of minutes. Should I do it? Should I go in and find her nylons? Just thinking about it rekindled my sexual desire for her.

I decided to go in. After entering, I shut the door and locked it. I quickly searched the house. Nobody was home. I ran to her room and searched her dresser. The top drawer to the right held the nylons I was looking for. I ripped off my clothes and covered my chest with the legs of her nylons. I took a brown nylon and wrapped it around my manhood. The frightened excitement of what I was doing was so overwhelming that it took only a few quick tugs before a hot firestorm of my lust spurt onto the bed of nylons covering my chest.

As my climax was finishing, I heard the front door open! I was caught! I quickly rolled off of her bed and crawled under it. I heard someone walking down the hallway and into the room I was hiding in.

I could see her shoes from my hiding spot. Then she knelt down and peaked under the bed. "Come out from under there" she said.

I crawled out and stood up. My hands tried to cover my manhood from her sight. "What are you doing in here?" Marge asked.

I said "I'm sorry. The door was open and I thought there was someone home."

"And you decided to go through my things and take your clothes off? Let me guess what you were going to do or did you already do it?" Marge looked at her nylons that were wet with my lust.

"Well you think I am going to wear this pair without cleaning them? I think you need to clean up your mess! Bring them in the bathroom."

I started gathering all of her nylons and brought them into her bathroom. Marge started the water running in the sink as I walked in carrying her nylons. Even though I was scared to death, I started to think about it being only the two of us in her house and here I was naked and holding her nylons as she watched. She knelt down and grabbed some soap from under the sink. As she was kneeling down, the reinforced heel popped out of her shoe. Almost immediately I could feel the lust begin to rebuild inside of me. Before she stood back up, I felt myself beginning to enlarge. When Marge got back up, she glanced over at my waste and noticed what was happening too. She didn't mention it. She put some soap in the sink and said "Wash out what you put in them"

I decided to take my time. I was fully hard by now. I took one of her nylons that was wet with my lust and put it in the sink.

"I;m sorry" I said. "I just can't help what is happening right now. Seeing you in those nylons is making it grow again."

"I can see that" she said as she glanced at my hardness.

"Can I feel the nylons against your skin?" I asked. I couldn't believe what I had said.

Marge said "Is that what you like? My nylons? You want to feel my nylons while you do it again?" I nodded my head and grabbed my erection.

Marge sat on the toilet and crossed her legs. "Then go right ahead and do it."

I couldn't believe what I heard but immediately I sat on the floor next to her and took off her shoe. The sight of her unpainted toes masked behind the dark reinforcements of her nylons was so sexy I could hardly stand it. I held her foot in one hand and myself in the other as I slowly started to pleasure myself in front of her. "Your legs are so sexy I can't stand it Marge" I said as I stroked myself.

Marge sat on the toilet and uncrossed her legs. She took off her other shoe and pushed me backwards with her foot. Her hand reached under her dress as she looked at me pleasuring myself. I grabbed her foot and placed it on my manhood. "Can you rub it with your foot? I want to feel the nylons you are wearing on it when it happens"

Marge smiled as she sandwiched it between the soles of her feet. I couldn't stand it any longer. I got up and stood in front of her. I lifted her up off of the toilet and carried her into her room. "We can't do it" she said.

I said "I won't".

I laid her on the bed and hiked up her skirt. I laid on top of her and started sliding my manhood across the gussett of her nylons. Marge thrust against me as I felt it begin. "Come on my nylons!" marge said as we thrust against each other.

That was all it took as my climax began. We both were gasping in lust as spurt after spurt of my climax shot up the gusset of her pantyhose. When I was completely spent, Marge pushed me off of her, grabbed my hand and began to rub it across her womb. For several minutes she held my hand to her nylon covered womb until I heard her gasp and buck.

"I can go agin if you want" I said.

Marge smiled and said "Everyone will be home pretty soon. You better go. Please don't tell anyone what we have done." I agreed.

I got dressed as she watched me. Then I turned and left her house.
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Question: Did you ever come back and make love to her at a later date? Even though she told you that you two couldn't do it, sounds like she was ready to there at the end.

Marge and I had several other mutually satisfying sessions but she never let me put it inside of her