Attracted To Women In Rubber Rainwear

I really have to wonder if our parents  ever realised the potential problems that can be become problematic when they place us on rubber sheets in our crib.  That wonderful feeling that creates a fetish interest starts there as we roll around on that smooth white or red rubber sheet.   The potential for a rubber fetish is there  but fortunately most of you have managed to avoid it.     Alas I was not so lucky and it started to manifest itself when my Mother bought ashiny blue thick rubber mackintosh with Souwester that I was forced to wear even if it looked like it was going to rain.  It hung on my bedroom door for some reason   and when I felt unhappy I would drag it on to the bed and lie in it.  Of course the inevitable happened I fell asleep and my other came in  and seeing me asleep on it  I was awoken next morning and  given a good caning...At the time and I still have vivid memories of the heavy red rubber apron she was wearing and the feeling it gave me.   From then On I was looking at girls in their fashionable rainwear from kindergarden to university .  Some of those rubbe r lined satin and SBR mackintoshes had me trailing girls home or eagerly escorting them if they wore one.

I eventually coaxed a girl to wear  a SBR hooded mackintosh (which I bought her as a present) and even bought a mens hooded rubber  cape when visiting . Germany.    They were glorious days..One had only to rustle its folds and i was pure putty in her hand...BDSM crept in  i being the submissive....but then our firstborn arrived and all activity stopped leaving me extremely frustrated   as now Rubber lined mackintosh vanished from the shops(Except the UK and some parts of Europe)..  I eventually found an other soul with similar interests and a divorce took place.   A year later my playmate died from smoking problems and 

 Now the sad part ..I realise trying to find another interested person would be akin to winning the Lotto... Life can be mean that way....It is no fun doing things yourself as you run out of fantasies....  It would be nice to know other ladies exist with similar tendencies.. May we all enjoy our fantasies at least one more time.






Sbrcape Sbrcape
3 Responses Mar 18, 2010

Yes, Rajkumar Slik sounds very nice, but at a price!!! I've noticed that all single texture rubberised materials are thin these days. You can feel the texture of the outside quite clearly whereas you just got a feeling of rubber in the old days. Well rubber's getting more expensive nowadays and I guess firms are using less.<br />
I go for chlorinated latex now - the smooth feel gets me every time.

Ah yes, How I liked to wear SBR....Rajkumar has some nice material called SlickR that Lorraine sent me samples of. I am seriuosly thinking of having a cape made of that.. Compared to other well known companies that sell Mackintoshes ,,,the price is better. Where I live now rubber wear is long forgotten so that even makes meeting a person similarly interested regrettably about the same chances as being struck by lighning...though I know they exist...Maybe in the future we will have a chip inside us that will not only have our personal history on but which could signal to us when someone who has the same likes gets near you...Wouldn't that be nice and no doubt it would also save a lot of marriages that go astray !!!

I don't think our parents knew what they were starting. Rubber garments and sheets were so common in our childhood and some of us got hooked. More, perhaps than you think. Let's face it - there are thousands of shops selling rubber clothes so somebody must be buying them. The modern rubber scene is more about catsuits and other tight fitting garments. This seems to be inspired by scuba gear and the majority of users got into rubber post puberty. Less common are the older generation who got in earlier in life. We are turned on by loose fitting rubber and mackintoshes because that's what we remember from childhood.<br />
As satinfix has told you, it's not just a man's thing. I know quite a few ladies who like to wear rubber and not just to please their man.

Sorry for the delay..Just been up to my eyeballs in changing houses and by the time the dust has settled it seems motnths have passed.
Yes you are absolutely right ...nothing like those nice reall rubberized mackintoshes or capes rustling to get one on edge. The price of them now seems to be out of this world but I have been in contact with Lakeland that has now been taken over by an Indian company, They sent me some samples but regrett to say their rubberized Satin mackintoshes are paper thin,,however they do have some interesting double thick double sided rubber for the material and it brings back the smile on my face,,very interesting.
Thank you for replying I was beginning to think we were getting devoid of people who liked the good old fashioned mackintoshes...Though I do enjoy Ladies in catsuits !!!.

I understand you perfectly Jon. Men are not the only ones excited by the feel and smell of rubber.

Again sorry for the dalay been switching houses ..Glad to hear you suggest there are women out there who also like the feel of rubber...but it seems harder and harder to find these women..which is a really a shame when we could in fact be contributing to each others enjoyments. Jon