What Wikipedia Says About Low Hip Sarees?

Due to migration to Western countries like South Africa, many Indian women began to wear the normal sari below the waistline exposing the navel, known as low-rise sari or low hip sari. Thus, the space between the bottom of the sari blouse and the top of the petticoat began to expand to expose the navel or a healthy roll of fat instead of only a couple of inches of skin.Also due to liberalization and changing global fashion trends, saris are re-emerging as a dress which can expose as much as it conceals. As a result, saris began to be designed in many innovative ways and materials.

These saris are draped in different ways such as petticoat being tied at about 4–6 inches below the navel or where the blouse is small and ends just below the breasts and the pallu is thin, thereby exposing some part of the blouse and almost the entire midriff. Fashion designer Suneet Varma once commented,"The saree is the most versatile garment in the world. It can, with a sweep of the head, be conservative or with a flash of the navel, trendy. If you are going for a prayer meeting, all you need to do is to place the pallu over the shoulders or cover your head with it. The same saree, worn a little low to show off the navel, and teamed up with a backless choli, and show a bit of cleavage, can make you the most elegant woman at a cocktail party."Some even wear navel jewels or navel piercings to draw attention to the navel.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sari

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Thank you for sharing this. Saris are so elegant and look absolutely beautiful, especially when they are worn with the midriff exposed.


True as it is very versatile and is easy to wear once it is tied properly. It is one of the most sensuous dress piece I have seen!

Ya i love women in sarees especially with thier navels exposed!

I love women in sarees especially with thier navels exposed

My wife looks so well in it, I love how is drapes on her, and how she walks in it too!

Strictly speaking it isn't tied - just ticked - which I think adds an element of allure to it because one snag or one pull and it will almost all off

wish I could wear one

be safe be happy and be healthy

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