No Panties At Work!

Today before I left for work, my boyfriend told me to take pictures with my underwear pulled down around my ankles for him. I did exactly that. I took about 60 photos for my boyfriend in various positions with my little lace dress. My boyfriend asked if I was able to not wear my underwear at work for him that day. I am submissive, so I do whatever my boyfriend asks of me. The bus felt unusually bumpy that day, and I felt slightly uncomfortable sitting in my short dress with no panties. But I toughed it out. I work as a cashier at a pharmacy, which requires a lot of bending over to find prescriptions. I am almost certain that some (lucky?) guys were able to see my *** peek out from underneath my dress a couple of times, but I wasn't really bothered by that. Here's where it got REALLY uncomfortable - I had to get on a ladder to get something from a top shelf for my pharmacist (and boss). It was very obvious that he noticed I wasn't wearing anything underneath my dress, because he was quick to grab onto my legs to "steady me", and he looked directly up into my dress. Now, when I say directly, I really mean directly. The back of my dress was resting on his forehead, and I could feel his breath on my legs. When I was getting down from the ladder, he continued to hug my legs and took a couple of obvious sniffs when my ***** was inches away from his nose. He spent the entire day staring at me, and brushed up against my *** countless times that day.
The attention was nice, but I don't think I will be going panty less at work any time soon!
Any other place is fine though ;)
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this is really hot - you're lucky he didn't touch.

get a bit of air around your sexy slit - you know you should!

i am ready to change my pharmacy to yours....what a great story

love submissive *****. Need a sugar daddy do you?

Such a shame you only sated here for one day. You story is perfect for this site.

Would love to see some of pictures! Sounds so ho!!!

Love your story. Would like t be your friend too!


Could you please add me.

That would have been so hard not to have a quick lick of your ***** with my head under your dress. I might have needed you to come in my office to chat but really I would have wanted to bend you over my desk in the office and feel how good that young push really is

love to see the pics!

Well, you were a good sport to try it out at work! Must have been very humiliating! Bet your bf enjoyed the story!

Awkward id say lol

Oh go on, you no doubt found it a turn on. Pantyless at work is a MUST.

That is a very hot story! Thanks for sharing. My wife got more confident the less she wore them so I would encourage you to try. Very hot!

Oh man you make me so hard reading your experiences! I would ********** with you every night!!!

Damn you just made my ***** so wet

Wow :) can I see?

Add me I want to see 😋😋

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Awwww so yummy... he must have been so horny, was he hard teh whole time?... thanks for sharing this hot story...

Escondido Secreto...
(YEs we both have secrets)

W O W ! ! !

Wow..the feeling of his breath on your very sensual to feel well written...thanks for sharing..and I am sure it will be more fun around how exciting to pull of at work..mmmm

sooooo sexy wish i was your bosss !

Hi would you add me please ??

Awesome story!!! Must of been some great fun

Eow love the story. Must have gotten you moist. Good to not wear panties when your bf asks. Please add me as a friend

I'm sorry for the bad experience.

I really don\'t think you could call it was a bad experience.

haha this was awesome XD

You just made me hard