I love to see women in skirt suit and tie uniform since I was very young. When I was in primary school, the uniform for girls are black dresses, black suits, white shirts and red ties. I could always see girls wearing them with the tie tied snugly around there necks. Sexual arousal didn't happen to me at that time since I was so young, but seeing them sill made me feel comfortable. They just looked like delicate dolls. Also I always fully dressed up in my uniform (3pc suit) to school and tied the tie very tightly. I obtained pleasure from both vision and practice.

As I grew up I developed my interest in women wearing suit and tie. In high school I often saw the National Flag Team wearing their uniforms in the flag-raising ceremony every monday. Those girls wore uniforms of Japanese style, with dark pink rosette ties and very tight black pencil skirts. I even saw some of them wearing black tights and black stilettos to the ceremony, which was normally banned by the school! The scenario in which these girls marched primly and properly in uniform rear uniform really drove my crazy! I enjoyed watching them lifting their legs up straightly. The legs were all slim and perfectly packed in black tights which showed a shinning effect. Creases appeared on the tight skirts of these girls again and again as they were marching forward. Also their high heels hit on the ground and utter uniform clicks, among which was a sound like a flag in breeze from their skirts if you heard carefully. I dreamed of kissing girls dressed like that. And at the same time, I began to collect pictures of that kind of women. I kept in close touch with some team members and ask quite a number of them for uniform pictures. The first collection was from Harry Potter series movies. I felt crazy about Hermione, Cho Chang and Luna, as they always wore their uniforms properly. By the end of high school the collection of pictures of suit and tie women grew up to 100 at most, and it, of course, could not satisfy my eager of seeing them.

During university I explore different kinds of suit and tie women and develop my collection of such pics with the help of Internet. Here I introduce some of my favorites.

The first one is the Chilean women. Chile is a country full of uniform women like military women and school girls. School girls often wear uniform with white shirts, black or navy blue dresses and blazers, and ties with their school symbols on. Also they may wear white stockings or black tights, and sometimes white gloves. Military women usually wear a blackish green uniform including a blazer, a pencil skirt, a necktie, a uniform cap and a white shirt. They may have their hair all bunched in a same style, their lips in the same red color, and their high heels and bags been uniform. In some solemn cases they may wear woolen coat and white gloves. Almost all the pics of Chilean women in uniform I collect were taken in the same scenario, which is marching. During some festivals the these Chilean women and girls will join the parade and march proudly along the streets. Maybe it's a tradition of this lovely country. Those scenes remind me of the beautiful days of watching the marching girls of the national flag team. Such a good memory, and this is why I also love to see the Chilean women in uniform.

Next one is the russian and ukrainian military women. These cute women are always born with a stunning look of both face and shape. What's more, the military uniforms in Russia and Ukraine are not so inflexible, e.g. black sheer pantyhose, tight skirts and stiletto boots are all permitted as components of the uniform. Thanks god! What a great combination of these women and uniforms! Although women of this region have a wild heart, they usually dress in uniform smartly and properly, with the necktie tied tightly and the blazer buttoned up. They just pose themselves hotly to attract your sight. It is really irresistible to see such angels! Really amazing countries, amazing uniform and amazing women!

Also the military women during WWII are great. Women from England, America, Canada and Australia are the best among them. The design of the uniform during that period is really conservative but elegant. Normally the uniform is in black or grey color, and includes a single or double breast blazer, a white shirt, a pleated skirt or a pencil skirt, a black necktie, a uniform cap, a pair of black leather shoes and a pair of white gloves. What I notice about these women is that they were willing to tie the necktie extremely tight to remain a perfect image, even in very hot weather such as tropic islands for some American navy nurses. Women at that time all seemed to be as excellent necktie tiers as men were. Besides I doubt that the shirts they wore all had a one size small collar because you can never find any spaces between their necks and the collars. Sometimes I can even find the collar squeezing their necks! Especially I appreciate the Canadian military women. Perhaps they had the tradition of wearing a collar bar, which, to me, is just like a lock and represents a resolution of keeping the image perfect at any time. Thanks to those collar bar and the Canadian military women had the best look of women in uniform I've ever seen. In fact, not only for the Canadians, for all women of the three other countries it is really really appreciable to work elegantly in such uniforms since the more perfect the uniform is, the more constrain the lady wearing it will suffer. It seems never to be a problem for these women to work even 12 hours per day without the necktie being loosen. They were eager to win the war, and at the same time remained what an elegant woman should be. In a word, it is not only these women in uniforms that attract me, but also their attitude to dress primly and work elegantly that impresses me more. Once I see them smiling in the pics, I feel excited.

Except for what I have told, there are still a number of different types of female uniform I appreciate, like portuguese student uniform, Chinese PLA uniform, some of the Japanese and Korean student uniform, and some uniform of the College Uniform collection. Having a uniform fetish is really interesting. It is just like a secret garden that I will only share with people having the same taste. Even I have this fetish on a very narrow scope, there is still a tremendous number of pics and videos for me to discover and exploit. I shall go further and further in this way.
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Aug 17, 2014