I See You At The Petrol Station

Pulling in behind you at the petrol pumps. I step from my car, as I do, notice the blonde hair of the lady still sitting in her car in front of me. Lifting the nozzle I watch as your door swings open. That moment when I see your patent leather heels being placed down onto the forecourt. My eyes instantly drawn to you nylon clad ankle. As you step out of the car I see you are wearing a dark charcoal grey skirt suit. I am transfixed. Your whole look screams class and elegance. You step around to fill you car, you back is to me. You place one foot up on the curbing stone surrounding the pump, as you do my eyes dart to the split at the rear of your skirt. Your long nylon clad legs are more visible now, seeing them though the opening the split has made. You shift slightly as you continue to fill your car, as you do a lace welt at the top of your left leg comes into view. I think to my self, you have no idea how good you look at this moment. My attention is broken when I hear the click of my pump, my car is full, I now have no reason to be standing there, my heart sinks as I replace the nozzle into the pump, as soon as the pump is out of my hand I turn back to you. At that moment you are finished too, you twist to replace your nozzle, you notice me standing there, about to get into my car, you must know I have been looking at you, admiring you, looking over your shoulder at me you simply smile a lovely smile at me. Smiling back we get into our cars are head our separate ways.
wtester999 wtester999
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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

Wow! That was hot!