My Love For Nyloned Female Feet Smell

I am not dating right now, and when I see a somehow decent looking to cute woman in stockings, geez! it's when I hate my like. for me personally my turn on is the scent of the women's feet in nylon, it's a "drug free" Viagra for me, and sometimes I do suffer, some recent events that happen, my company the dress code is not totally formal, but they made an event, they put in the invitation "cocktail attire" and I was like: oh crap! bcs i know what does that mean, and I was not wrong, one of the designers who's married came in wearing a tight short black dress with black stockings and heels, I couldn't stop thinking about her and how her feet would smell at the end of the evening. It was hard not to stare but I don't really want any problem at my work.and recently that I went on vacation,... the airports,... my brain is so confused, its like torture and pleasure at the same time, there are some really cute flight attendants, so when a group of them pass the security check and they need to take off their shoes... I hate this like of mine, feeling so impotent of being unable to get a whiff of their black hosiery, then it's everywhere, cute female duty free employees playing with their shoe, the stewardesses dangling their shoe, it's like being the poorest kid in the world in front of the most delicious candy store ever, and to my luck, the other day I found a post where a girl was asking: "I am a young flight attendant and my feet in stockings always smell in my work shoes, I have asked my cabin crew female coworkers and they all say the same, how can I get rid of the "problem"? At times I wish the same and girls do not wear them anymore, it'd keep my attention on something else.
Anyway, sorry for the lengthy experience, but I do feel your pain. Halloween time, lets not even go there. :(
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You are right about the Viagara effect of a woman's fragrant nylonned feet! I have always felt that if the aroma was just right, that I could ********* hands free just by savoring that amazing fragrance!
No need to appologize for the length of your post It's a subject a foot person never get's tired of talking or reading about!

I too have had this desire and occasional joy of smelling a women's well worn stockings. I have had this for over 60 years now and after growing up in the days when ALL women wore daily, I did get lots of chances to smell my sisters, mothers and sometimes their friends, when visiting and excusing myself to the bathroom. Oh what a joy to find some warm stockings in a hamper.... Oh I'm getting nostalgic just writing of these days.

You're singing my song, I didn't have sisters or anything like that but I had friends and playmates back in th 50's whose moms always left shoes available and stockings to sniff in the clothes hamper. I can't get enough of that awesome aroma of lady's feet in well worn nylons!