My Ideal Woman

It's one of those dreary mornings and I take the train to work as usual. Sit in my seat and start reading the newspaper. As I am half way through the article, I start smelling great perfume, I lower the paper and there she is sitting across from me. She has longer hair past her shoulders with a great make-up looking very classy. She is wearing an expensive business jacket with a satin shirt underneath with the top two buttons unfastened. Her sizable breasts are filling the shirt very nicely. I look down, she is wearing a dark grey pencil skirt fitted of course with hem just above her knee caps. I notice her expensive loooking black stockings coupled with stylish high heels. I begin to wonder whether she is wearing a garter belt with the stockings. I also wonder if there is a seam running up her stockings in the back. She catches me looking her up and down and has a faint smile trying not to disclose that she is enjoying being ogled by me. I am quite attractive and always wear nice looking clothes. I sense her being intrigued and willing to play a bit to make the commute a bit more exciting. She crosses her legs on purpose in front of me and I look at her full thighs expanding the material of her skirt, the hem of her skirt moves up a bit and I catch a glimpse of her shapely legs. I imagine touching them with my hand feeling the soft and sexy material of her stockings. I imagine slipping my hand under her skirt and feeling up her thighs and her stocking tops. Caressing her thighs and squeezing them while she moans softly. We reach our station and agree to meet again at the same time and train the next day. It is one of my fantasies. I would love to reach out to such women out there and share their experiences/photos with me. Who knows maybe my fantasy will become a reality one day...
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2 Responses Sep 27, 2012

Thanks for your comment. I will try to post some more stories very soon.

You are welcome. Will be looking forward to it, as we both seem to share this interest in common.

Well written! This is my fantasy, as well and you've described it exactly as I imagine it to the tee! I couldn't have described it much better. About the only thing I could ad is that her grey pencil skirt also be pinstriped with her jacket matching. And who knows... may be the fantasy will become a reality for both of us one day... (the sooner, the better)<br />
Now, I'll be replaying this over and over in my mind long after I sign off here.