Clueless Shirley

 a bout stockings or thigh highs when I met her. But, over the years I've bought her hundreds of pairs of them and many times have taken pix of her wearing them (like these here... ) 

I love her out in public when she's wearing thigh highs or stockings and no panties.. the thought of some random guy getting the opportunity to see her naked **** up her skirt really gets me hard. And thats why I really like stockings/thigh highs.. that way if someone DOES look up her skirt.. either because she's sitting "wrong" or getting out of the car or the booth in a restaraunt wrong, or the wind blows just right, there's nothing in the way of their eyes and her *****. She's totally unprotected! lol.. 

Good stuff


shirleyannc shirleyannc
56-60, F
Nov 8, 2009