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Braless Wife

I love it when my wife wears this kind of tp and goes braless. I have some pics of her in my profile wearing one with no bra. We went out to a local beauty spot that is very well known. So we knew that there would be some people around. It was amazing to see the faces of guys as they caught sight of her chest. Even some cars driving by honked their horns at her. It was fantastic to see her wearing such a revealing top with her nipples so hard for so many people to see.
melvin64 melvin64 46-50, M 22 Responses Jan 6, 2011

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Mmm damn Melvin she like a fun girl to see her beautiful big **** n comment for her ...thanks mate

Oh I love that look, I would love to comment further at you hot wife

I would love to see that. Please add me as a friend

I love visiting my mature lady friend and look forward to seeing her wearing those skin tight tops and no bra. Her boobs are a mature 34-36 and have this very arousing sag and bounce to them as she walks. Its such a turn on watching all the heads turn when we're in public.

i love it when i see women walking around with just a top on and no bra its so sexy,some times its better than wearing nothing at all.

great stories my wife has such big **** she is always getting looked at love her on beach her big **** about to fall out

she has nice **** bro. please send me some pics of her to *** on ok? Thanks. Joe.

nice story. please send me pics of her to *** on ok? wanks alot! Joe.

sweet. I love all women going braless and a revealing t shirt. I just love *******! Please add me and send me pics of her **** and whatever else. Thanks loads! Joe. Ill *** all over them ok?

Want to see my *******?

That makes me completely happy too.

would love to check her out

How fortunate to have an adventurous sexy wife.... good luck to you both!

I would love to see your photos of your wife. Hear is my tt story.<br />
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Great Story. You're really lucky.

I love seeing woman going braless

She has such a lovely rack that it'd be a shame for it to be fettered by a bra;) Keep showing them off!

My wife has such a tight body and sweet breasts but she is a prude when it comes to these types of experiences. I got her to go to a nude beach once but that is about it. I would give anything if she would loosen up and let me have these adventures. You are lucky men.

I too love when my wife goes braless in tank tops. I like it when the tank has very large arm holes for great side boob shots!

That's so hot. We need more women like this in the world. Bold, daring, sexy.


My wife would hate car horns honking! :)