I love to go braless when I get the chance. Summer is when I do it the most.
This is me at the state fair.

And one more photo

aardvark1234 aardvark1234 31-35, F 62 Responses Jan 25, 2012

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I agree the BEST time of the year


Nice nipples.

Nice nipples!

Were you cold when this picture was taken?

I wish I could get to the state fair.

She looks great with those perked up nipples.

you look great braless! Thanks for sharing!

I love this photo. My wife sometimes wears semi shear tops like yours when we have a male friend over just to see their reaction. It turns us both on. Thanks for shearing.

that's a sweet shot of you poking through. I am sure you get lots of attention!

Love the look of nipples poking through

Lovely photo's.

I love the bra less look. Would take you any where like that.
Do you like strangers to get a feel or just look?

I must say that is wonderful look on you...I am very impressed...bra less suits are very sexy in the outfits...:)

Wow...totally hot....beautiful even.

Love the way your nipples show.

Love you bra-less!!!!

very nice and sexy

Like your the Nike of how it should be

Very nice nipple pics.

Please friend me. I love your hard ****

I love the top photo, you have such a sexy tan line, and a deliciously pink nipple...that top is so thin, in the bottom photo, I can see all the little bumps on your areola....I would love to see you walking,braless, I can only imagine the lovely jiggle your boobs must do as you stroll along...

Very nice !

wow! Love it!

I'm disappointed to hear that you ever wear a bra, it's healthier without one at all.

top picture is a great look ..I do like both

Fantastic! Please keep on doing so.

Very nice!

Nice hard nips!!! Yummy! Please add me as a friend! Thanks.

Very nice!!