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When I was a young boy my step mom would walk around the house in a tank top with no bra on and at 13 it made me excited....this has always had an affect on me...and she knew it...she would wear short jean skirts with no panties and open her legs allowing me to see her nakedness....and at 14 she molested me....this has had a negative affect on my adult life....I wish she hadn't done those things to me....she was so evil and obviously didn't care about me at all or how it would play out later in my life....She should have gone to prison for what she did to me....but I never told any one....until I joined EP....even now I probably wouldn't try to get her punished for what she did....she will have to deal with God some day....
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I have to believe that justice eventually comes to all.While there is true forgiveness and change available there are those who feel no remorse and for those I would love a ring side seat:)

God bless you.

:( I am so sorry for you....((((hugs))) this too happend to me as a child from age 5-11.....It took alot for me to get through my teenage years....I did not want to live for awhile there I was scared this person was going to Kill my mom because that was what I was threatened with to keep quite...I know God was there for me through the whole thing because I was always comforted and never really understood at age 5 by whom....but I can tell you this he comforted me through the worst...and I grew up to be a strong woman and very very very protective mom of my own children....Before I go to bed at night I always pray for all children to be protected....gosh sorry this so long but after reading just brought up so many emotions in me...again hugs.......

I have found that I don't feel I really know someone until the tell me of their childhood...and then when I hear of similar experiences as I had, there's an instant bond...I'm sorry you had to go through it also...but I'm so happy you are who you are today...hooray for you....*hugs*

Thank you and I know what you mean just feel more connected to those that have had same/similar experience.....Hugs back to you....

Feels better to get it off your chest a bit ... doesn't it.