A Woman In Tights Is About 50% More Attractive!

I love wearing tights (pantyhose) myself and I think that this stems from my love of seeing beautiful women in them. If I spot a woman in a lovely skirt suit for instance, with heels and maybe a lovely blouse I always check to see if they are wearing tights and if so then I automatically think them as being more attractive. If on the other hand I see the same woman with bare legs, no matter how lovely her legs may be, I am always a little disappointed. I love the look, style (and feel) of tights, and envy women their right to wear them openly every day that they want. How can any man resist the look of a smooth leg, encased in nylon or silk crossed over another, especially with a smart skirt hemline, just above the knee. I also love pattened tights and other hosiery, although too brightly coloured or patterned ones leave me slightly cold.
SusanMarina SusanMarina
May 16, 2012