A Heartfelt Tribute To You All, Ladies



You are feminine, delicate, sensitive, human, intelligent, good, loving (and needing to be loved), sexy (each of you, in your own way).
Many of you went through a lot.
Many of you are still fighting, some still trying to simply hold on.
It may not seem like a big accomplishment; it is.
There is physical strength.
And there is psychological strength.
Many of you are very strong psychologically.
And many of you have a beautiful soul.
What would we men be without you?
Cheers to you all, dear ladies!

Karll Karll
56-60, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Thanks, Karll. Much appreciated!

Yep ... so it seems sometimes!

You're very kind!
Now, I'll have to get to read some of your stories and make some comments.
So many interesting people (in fact, every single human being is interesting, even more so, I believe, when that human being has not been blessed by nature, by life, has had it really rough, is having it really rough)! I tend to be very sad when I realize that so many people die after having lived a difficult life, after much suffering, sorrow, almost in oblivion, in indifference, with almost no recognition for all the efforts they made, for what they got to accomplish (to be evaluated, I think, considering where they started from and the environment, the conditions they have known, so in relative terms, not in absolute ones), with almost nobody at their side, as if their life wasn't really important, wasn't worth much, didn't have much meaning; as if they weren't worthy of much love.

She's so smart! She commented my reply even before I got to post it! Ha! Ha!