Former Teacher

When I was a kid I would go for after school tutering to help me with my classes. As a fourth grader I was lucky to have MS. DH as my instructor. Ms.Dh was in her early thirties with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was very bubbly and stood at five foot five inches tall. She always wore dresses, heels, skirts and pantyhose. Her legs and feet always looked sexy in nylons. She always clicked and clacked in her heels and was quite the shoe dipper and dangler. One day during spelling class she was wearing tan slacks, white blouse and tan pumps with nude pantyhose. She was sitting at the end of her desk and was dangling her left shoe from her foot. Her shoe hit the floor with a thud. Wow her pantyhosed foot looked sexy wiggling there. Then she dropped her right shoe and wiggled that nyloned foot. The next day she wore a short sleeved white floral dress and white strappy wedge sandals. It was recess and I was playing tether ball. She slipped off her wedge heels to expose her suntan pantyhosed feet. She said she played better when she did not wear her heels. As I grew up I always thought about her. Years later I was at a party and I ran into her. She had aged very well and was was still very bubbly. She was wearing a white cocktail dress and white strappy sandals along with beige pantyhose. She came over and gave me a hug followed by a very passionate kiss in which she lifted her left leg up when she embraced me. Our tongues met and wow was I surprised. We grabbed a drink and walked over to a couch. She sat on my lap and crossed her legs. I rubbed her leg and she kissed my again. She crossed her right leg over her left and lowered the strap on right high heel sandal. She dangled her right shoe and it eventually fell to the floor. I massaged her nylon clad right foot and we contined to make out. I placed her shoe back on her foot and I got her coat and took her back to her place. When we got to her place we had a night cap she slipped off her left shoe and placed it in my crotch. She got me aroused then I massaged her foot to which she purred and we kissed some more. Wish I knew then what I know now.
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Nov 25, 2012