How Will U Act To This...????

Imagine there is a heavy rain in your city / town / village...Your the only man living in your house...a female similar to the one in the below image comes and asks you "Excuse me dude...My home is far away and i dont have an umbrella...So Can I stay in your home untill the rain stops????" (her saree is very wet...her bra and her navel is clearly visible to you) will you act to this situation ???? please share it with ur comments.....

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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I'll say let her enter and tell her only on one condition which would be I wanna play with your navel till the rain stops dam she has a sexiest navel

offer her something to change into then put on her clothes and go to her and offer to be he servant until she chooses to go home

First I would in it's her home happily! Provide her a room to get comfortable. Spy on her while changing. Get caught doing so and make out with her if she smiles. If she is not fine then it's a totally different story!

Of course I would let her stay...and I would offer to help dry her off too :D

it's like asking a lion what he'll do if a meaty goat enters his den when he's hungry !!
The situation is self explanatory.