Navel Check By Doctor (Part 2)

One day I went to the doctors for my yearly physical, I had a bit of strange pain in my belly but didn't know what it was. After waiting for some time, the nurse called me in and did few checks on me like my temperature, height and weight, I grew about an inch from my last appointment, now I am about 4'9, but my weight was much of a problem, last year it was 69 pounds, but now it's 61 pounds, I'm losing so much weight that is was considered dangerous! The nurse sat me into my room and I've waited for some time, while I sat on the bed and waited, I lifted my shirt to look at my belly, it looked like I haven't ate anything for weeks, but I never do feel hungry, soon the doctor came in and made me stand up as he checked for any errors, then he helped me sit back down and I laid down, then he lifted up my shirt and I noticed him looking at my navel for at least 2 seconds, I felt a bit shy but held in my blushes, he checked my heart and began to massage my belly as I squirmed a bit from this, then he asked my diet since he read that I was losing too much weight, he told me that my average weight should be at least 75 pounds, I begin explaining to him in a weak and sensitive voice that I haven't eaten enough from not feeling the need for god, then he looks back down at my navel then asks if I've heard about a new recent test for patient's like me, I shake my head confused, he then explained to me that there is a new test done to the patient's navel to help figure out the problem of their diet. I blush a bit and felt nervous about this and covered my navel, he smiles and moves my hands telling me that it's for my own good, I had no choice but to agree, so then he begins to stretch my navel to look inside, he could see that it is a bit bruised but I never players with it or anyone else, he gently pokes my navel and I gasp, he notices its very sensitive and he begins to wiggle his finger, I begin to moan and hug my upper belly from this strange feeling. He grabs a q-tip and pokes it in, swirling inside, I moan in pain, trying to resist, then suddenly he lowers his head and gently kisses my navel, I blush brightly and was very confused of where's his was going, he then begins to make out to it as it was a mouth, licking deep inside to it and making love to it with deep French kisses and sucking, I begin to feel extremely nervous about this with my face red, I then try to push his face away into my navel. Then suddenly he hugs my navel & belly tightly and continues. I couldn't take anymore and eventually I fainted. A few hours later, I woke up back in my bed, thinking it was a dream, I remove my blanket and notices a bump from under my shirt, I lift my shirt and finds a crumpled small piece of paper sitting in my navel, I take it out and it reads, "my dearest patient, I am terribly sorry for taking things too far, but I did what I had to do to figure out the problem, come back next week and I should have your solution... xoxo navel" I blush as I read this and begins wondering of the time my doctor abused my navel.
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Thank you for this very hot and stimulating story.