I Got Dped And Loved It

I was in Las Vegas for New Years and met 2 guys , Needless to say we all had been drinking . Long story short I found both to be attractive and one of the guys asked me back to his room I said yes.

We had a drink and one thing lead to another of us having sex, While we where having sex the other guy had came into the room without me knowing I have to admit I was loving it the 1st guy was big and thick down below :-) Just how I like em .
As I was riding the first guy I felt a odd feeling on my downtown area and I looked back to find guy 2 licking me as I was having sex !!!!!

After about 10 minutes of the guy 2 stood an put his penis in my mouth another even larger penis then guy 1 !

I was so turned on after never been in a 3 some I just went with it , What seemed like hours guy 2 again got behind me and slowly inserted himself into me and the feeling I had was out of this world !!!!

I was stretched like I have never been before and the feeling of being full was a Massive turn on that I screamed everytime I orgasmed which was near 20 times in 4-5 hours they had their way with me .

Do any of you also love being Dped ? I now am looking forward to trying this again real soon !
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I have dped many women...love the look on her face as she is being filled to the max!