The Proposal

Well, what a fun week it's been. I have teased and tormented my poor hubby all week, and have indulged myself putting his tongue to work every night, which further increased his frustration from being trapped in the **** cage. He has been desperate to get a release, and kept trying to get hints on what I meant by my challenge. I just kept repeating that he needed to find a solution to avoid me missing his ****, now it's no longer allowed inside me, or, of course, any woman, ever again.

Hubby really had a hard time with that concept, so I kept mentioning it, just to wind him up.

Anyway, round about the middle of the week, he seemed to have made a decision, as he stopped trying to interrogate me, and just applied himself, well, his tongue anyway, to keeping me in a good, relaxed, and satisfied mood. When we got to Saturday morning, having had my morning work out riding hubby's face for nearly an hour, I was feeling happy, relaxed and looking forward to hearing what he had come up with.

I always keep him naked in the house now, so I can grab his balls whenever I want to. So, mid morning, I called him into the kitchen, had him stand next to my chair so I could squeeze his balls while he explained his proposition. He presented me with a small parcel, all nicely wrapped, with a bow and everything. I had a pretty good idea what it was, and once I opened it, I saw that my guess was right. He'd bought me a ***** complete with a bullet vibrator which could be attached. He explaind that he could use it on me as a change from his tongue.

He's so sweet sometimes, but also pretty stupid. This was one of those occassions. I told him he'd been thoughtful, and thanked him, gently stroking his balls, which must have been very arousing and therefore painful in his cage, but, believing he'd done well, he put up with the torment.

Sadly, he was mistaken. I squeezed his balls as hard as I could, making him double up in agony. I spoke quietly straight into his face, telling my squirming husband that I didn't want a toy, I wanted a man, a lover, a stud! I then let go of his balls, steadied myself, and kicked him in the balls. as hard as I could manage. That got his attention, causing him to fall to the floor, groaning and crying.

I sat down again and waited for his self indulgance to finish. I then explained clearly, that I needed him to come up with a plan to get me a lover. He needed to think about what clothes he should buy me, what undies, etc. Then he needed to do some research to find the best club to take me to, and how he could asssist me in picking up a gorgeous well hung young guy.

Finally I told him that when he brings me his complete plan, in writing, and had the plan approved by me, maybe after I've made some detail alterations a few times, then I'll consider giving his **** a quick ****. I think that it'll be at least a couple of weeks before he gets my approval.

I just love being cruel, and the more cruel I am, the more hubby adores me. He has become addicted to his servility
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It is so addicting, being under a woman's total control!

The crueler the better, we subs eat that up!

Exquisite story! You might consider locking some stiletto heels on him, just his cage and his heels! How about getting a nice ( bigger than him ) strap on and have him wear it to satisfy you over and over again while he is still locked up?

DearDiva,,,, Your husband is indeed an extremely lucky man. Is all i can say about this post. I yearn to be this far in a FLR someday. Keep up the fabulous work! I'm so very jealous of him!!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Maybe buy a feeldoe to use on him...<br />
This is a feeldoe:<br /><br />
That way he is sure to know his place...<br />
Hugs<br />