Forced To Wear Red

First story is gonna be really short. When I was 25 my girlfriend "forcibly" feminized me and made me wear really dark red lipstick and carry her purse.  After doing this a few times she decided that she enjoyed me dressed as a woman instead of a man. She demanded that I should change into feminine attire as soon as I walked through the door after work and gave me a purse filled with makeup and feminine things. And yes, I had to carry the purse in the house, constantly checking my makeup to make sure all was in place. You can probably guess where this is going. After a few months she decided that we needed to go out partying (with me dressed up)instead of staying home. "It'll be great; you'll love it!", she insisted. Those were her exact words. We ended up going out 3 times in this manner and it was horrible; embarrassing beyond description to say the least. I could give you a whole lot of details but to make a long story short we broke up a couple of months later. So why did I agree to this at all? Well, the sex was unbelievable and yes, I was really turned on by the forced crossdressing. The going public was too much, I guess. If I had been more passable maybe it would have worked out.

weaselrod weaselrod
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2010

love to hear more of your girlfriend making a humiliated sissy of you