Butt Crack Bikinis

When I was in high school (mid 70's) I went to the beach with a friend and we found ourselves a nice spot on the beach. About 20 minutes later three girls and a guy set up their towels right next to us. The girls were all asians and the guy was anglo like us. They take off their clothes to get down to their bathing suits and WOW. All three girls are wearing matching bikinis, each a different color of hand made macrame. I had never seen such tiny bathing suits. The tops were little triangles that were about the size of a deck of cards but so lacy that they really covered nothing; a little circle just covered their nipples and would not have even done that if they have big areolas (which none of them did). The bottoms were tiny triangles too. The fronts were just enough to cover their ******* but the backs were low rise and just a bit wider than the fronts (which were were not too wide either). These girls' butts were really hanging out in the back. When they were adjusting their bikini bottoms in the front (to make sure their pubes were covered their butts showed even more.

We started a conversation, asking about where they got their bathing suits and they said that they each made their own themselves. They explained that this is a popular style in Thailand where they were from. My friend and I were so blown away that we just went with this and could not believe our luck. The girl in the red bikini was with the guy who just hung out on his towel while we chatted. We invited them for a bit of frisbee and we were delighted to see them game for this. Wow, to see these three girls in these tiny bikinis running and jumping around was every pubescent boy's dream. The suits were tied tight but still needed to be adjusted often because there was no room for error on them. This was really apparent when we all went into the water to cool off. With the waves, their tiny tops moved to and fro, and there were nips a plenty. The best was when the one in the white suit came out of the water with me, These suits really were hand made and had no lining. I could see that the holes in the fabric had swelled and fit like a second skin; I could make out her nipples from the woven circle. As she exited the water and was walking towards me she wanted to make sure that her bikini bottoms were not falling down in front. There was no way to do this without first working her thumbs underneath the straps in front. As she did this, I got a great glimpse of her ***** hair, very straight and dark. I had never seen an asian's pubes before so it was a shock. She kind of blushed and apologized for the show and I (being the gentleman, of course) said there was nothing to apologize for, while hoping she or one of her sisters would have to do that again. The sister in the green suit came out last and she did not disappoint. I told the girl in the green suit that her bottoms looked a bit too low from the back and so she tugged it up for me. I thought my friend's eyes would pop out of his head because he was in front of her and must have gotten a glimpse of her pubes.

They all got down onto their towels to lay down and there were butt cracks all around and we chatted some more. By this time the girls had figured out that we were younger than they first thought when they arrived.  After a rest, they packed up to find another spot. I think the sisters were shopping for husbands and the skimpy bikinis were bait.
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May 1, 2012