Four (and A Bit) In One Weekend!

Recently I went on a weekend break to see a show in the Capital. I went by train and needed to change trains one the way. The way the connections were timed, there was an hour between trains so it was ideal for lunch.

The first "showing" I got was in the cafe on the station. I was in the queue for my food and drink, and there were two women in the queue behind me; the first one was pushing a pram. She bent over to get her purse from her bag hanging from the handles of the pram. Had I been stood behind her, I would have been treated to about 2 inches of butt crack, may be 3 inches. As it was, I wasn't, but when I had taken my seat in the cafe, I noticed she was looking rather coy and embarrased. She sat down on the far side of the cafe, but with her coat on the back of her chair. Anyway, after her cuppa with her friend she got up, and went out of the door - and there it was, about an inch of butt crack peeking between her tight low-rise jeans and her jumper. I would think another inch was hiding beneath her jumper!

No. 2 was at the Underground station near to my hotel. I was heading towards the ticket barriers when I looked to my right, and there was a mid-twenties woman crouched down (presumably looking for either a ticket, or her purse to buy a ticket) with about an inch of crack popping out of her jeans.

No. 3 (and the bit) were in the actual show itself. The "bit" was a girl, part of a large group, who was at the front of the seating area. She was stood talking to her friends but at one point she bent down to pick up something, and I noticed that her jeans were quite low on her. She was exposing a fair bit of right 'cheek' but her positioning wasn't sufficient for me to see the actual butt crack. Darn it! However, No. 3 was in the row in front of me. Prior to the mid-show interval, she got up to go to the lavatory (she could've waited a bit longer, but never mind!). As she did, she exposed about an inch of bum to everyone behind her. She quickly yanked her jeans up but I couldn't help but overhear a few murmurings from people around me at the sight they saw! She came back but when it came to the mid-show interval, she got up again to go for her interval drinks. Again she exposed an inch of bum, and it was clear she wasn't wearing a belt, too.

No. 4 was on the return trip, and once again at the station where I needed to change trains. This time I had already bought my lunch, but I needed to leave the cafe to take a call on my mobile phone (I don't like talking on the phone in a cafe environment, but that's just me). When I came back, a mid-twenties woman had just bought her lunch and was bending over to put her purse back in her bag. I just happened to walk in through the right door at the right time and saw a good inch of bum, together with the top of her underwear. She quickly pulled up her jeans, and made for a seat which had an advertising screen immediately behind her, so she could save any more blushes!
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Jan 14, 2013