My Wife Loves To Flash Other Cars

For a couple of years now ,my wife has started to flash other cars and trucks
has she drives by. We live in Guelph,Ontario and drive a gray blue areostar. Every staturday
morning we have a quick shower and she puts on real sexy see though clothes and then we are off
driviing around. She likes to drive in small towns and the back roads.Once we near St Jacbos and i
was playing with her ***** with no pants on and she was rubbing her chest while driving we came across
a Menenite on horse and buggy. My wife slowed the van to a crawl and almost ripped her top off and
really started to get worked up,i rubbed her faster , he sloiwed down the buggy to look and she came all over her hand
it was real intance.He just keep going it was awesome. She has done that in front of alot people in cars ,pick-up and trucks
.She has told ne many times if someone was to pull her over I can watch while she does him.
My wife is the hottest Lady I know " I would Glady watch and encourage it

   p.s {u may have seen her see also likes to walk in the fea and antquie markets with a see thought top and no panties and a real short skirt....she likes to flash}
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

Wow nice love see that going down the road I drive a big truck all day it nice to see that

I love when I'm driving my tractor trailer and this happens, your wife has great ****,wouldnt mind seein more