Chillin At The Truck Stop

I arrived at my delivery point a day early and found a truck stop to wait at until it was time to deliver. There was a nice chill in the air that I knew would keep the truck cool so I lowered the windows all the way down and turned the truck off to save fuel.

I was sitting in the driver's seat when this rush of sexual energy came over me. I unbuttoned my shirt and started rubbing my **** and pinching my nipples. As I pinched I got so wet that I slipped one hand down to rub my swollen ****. Oblivious to my surroundings I was overcome by the pleasure I was feeling, but was startled back to reality when another driver climbed up to my window to offer assistance. Apparently he had been watching from his truck and decided he wanted to participate.

I wouldn't let him inside, but I was all too happy to let him get his fingers wet. I opened my blouse up more to give him a better view of my massive **** and I continued my work pinching and rubbing them while he went to work on my ****. I had several amazing ******* before my energy left me. I thanked him for his help as he sucked his sloppy wet fingers clean then we said good night and I went to bed satisfied.
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6 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Lord have mercy! I've had a few female truckers flash me going down the road. Once me and a buddy were hanging out at a truckstop with a lady trucker and her daughter in law, yes, her son's wife. That older lady could talk dirtier than a sailor. Once we all got back in our trucks, which were lined up in parking spaces, my buddy blew his horn to get my attention. I looked over, and wow! Both women were flashing and mooning us. The daughter in law even bent over and put her hands back there to further open her female anatomy up if you know what I mean. Oh man the dreams I had that night!

So nice when someone helps a lady.

I hope I get to help you out 1 day.thank you for sharing a great story

One of the best things about driving over the road that I miss the most is the view into the 4-wheelers, seen quite a few boobies in my days but never from another truck! Sure wish I was next to you when you decided to let the girls breathe, maybe down the road I'll get that chance! Great story by the way!

Luv your stories! Wish I was the lucky guy!

Would have been so nice to have been in that truck stop with you