Carrie-ann Moss~

This SUPER foxey lady is well known the world over for playing the character "Trinity" in the greatly unappreacitated, "Matrix Trilogy". If Morpheus was the visonary leader & Neo was "the one", Trinity was most certainly the backbone of the operation! She was the glue that held  everything together. Being Morpheus's second in command & being the love of Neo's life, was extremely hard But Carrie-Ann played the part with grace & quiet sensuality.

Her gun fight scenes & her bone crunching martial arts scenes in the Matrix movies, are stuff of legend! And she absolutely looked amazing doing it in her tight, form fitting, dominatrix-esque, black leather outfits~

Recent years, shes starred in the dark comedy/suspense thriller "Disturbia" & the hilariously eccentric, "Chumscrubber".

31-35, M
Aug 9, 2010