This story is for my lovely Chiquita69 – and here’s why:
My opinion of women who kick *** is that they have strong, vibrant personalities.  They are secure in themselves and they approach the world with confidence and a sense of adventure.  They own their lives, speak their truth, and answer to no one, but are supportive of others.   They are passionate about their causes and will advocate tirelessly for what they believe in.  They are natural leaders.  When challenges crop up, they rise to the occasion, conquering them.  If they are knocked down, they don’t stay down for long.  Oh, noooo!  They get up, dust themselves off, set a broken bone if they have to, and then they get on with the business of life.
Their strength does not detract from their femininity – it enhances it.  Make no mistake, they are women through and through - beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, sweet, sexy, funny, and nurturing.   They are not afraid of emotions or of expressing them.
But don’t make the mistake of crossing them.  You may - or may not - get a warning shot across your bow.  After that, proceed at your own risk!  I would not want to tangle with them in a dark alley! :-)
It is for these reasons, and more, that you, my lovely Chiquita are a woman who kicks ***, and I adore you for it!! :-)

Your devoted sugar pop,

Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 7 Responses Dec 25, 2010

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wow..amazing story!!



I know where I am on the pecking order, Vignette. Like I was telling Pamster, yesterday I did a "reading" in front of 38 super-bright young people at a really good university and every one of the female students there was so much smarter than me that she could have kicked my sad deflated *** all the way to kathmandu, had she wanted to.

I mean, my own A-level results were so dismal that I would never have gotten into a university like that. Fortunately, the women were merciful and DIDN'T kick my *** to kathmandu. Two of them used words that I didn't even know. And they were speaking English! ("Erm, yesh?").

So I love Strong Intelligent Women Who Can Kick Middle-Aged Singaporean *** Any Time But Are Compassionate Enough To Hold Back!



Lol!! I can see you are a very wise soul, Andrew!! ;-)

I like women who kick ***, but only if they are not kicking MY ***.



Aw, Chi', that is so sweet of you to say!! You always make me smile, my dear. I love you!!

Your devoted sugar pop,


You are just too much, C. This is a wonderful story, and not only because you dedicated it to moi. What you don't realize is that you are the epitome of every lovely trait that you have attributed to me! LOL so Rightbackatcha, Baby ~ Thank you for your incredibley generous tribute. I love you, sugar pop!

Thank you M-R! Your comment kicks ***, too!! ;-)