************ Through My Panties

I am a girl who loves to ********** through my panties. I have a bigger panty fetish than most guys do, I love everything about panties. I have always enjoy the feeling of having a wet spot in my panties pressing against me, either while at work, home or out with friends. I find that my panties spend more time being wet than dry, guess it does not help that I am always thinking something naughty or seeing something that turns me on. So when I get home from being out I love to ***** down to only my panties and lay down on the bed with my knees bent up slightly, I will rub my nipples to make them nice and hard and then slowly move my hand down over my stomach and then over the front of my panties, I start to squirm as I feel my fingers pressing against the front of my panties and feeling myself pressing my wet spot inbetween my lips. I love all types of fabrics but silk, satin or microfiber panties do feel the best ************ through, they just feel so good against my lips and ****. I continue to press my fingers against my panties, and start to rub in circles, soaking the crotch of my panties even more, that wet feeling on the crotch as I rub myself through my panties feels so good, I get so wet that it does not take to long before my panties are soaked through. The friction of rubbing myself through my panties makes me ****** so intense. I love ************ through my panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
7 Responses Dec 4, 2012

wow i am speechless

wanna send me a pair of those panties ;)

Watching You soak your panties while finger ******* yourself, I would LOVE sucking on that panty crotch.Watching me suck those panties into my mouth.Pushing them completely inside You for another juicy candy taste...

Fabulous sweetie

That's pretty hot. I'd love to ********** with your panties too.

i like to watch

um... I'll be right over. :-)

Need any help with that?

Wow. I love hearing about different ************ techniques used by different women. And I'm into panties in addition to female ************. You've combined two fetishes of mine in one story so yours is doubly exciting for me. Thank you for sharing it with us.