Love Watching My Wife Pleasure Herself - With Pics

I just love watching my wife pleasing herself..
Whether it be with a toy:

or just her fingers:

Doing it mutually:

Or while helping me:

And especially showing off on cam:

My fantasy is to see her perform to live spectator(s) after or before getting ****** or in between... Even better with another lady
joystr joystr 41-45 98 Responses Mar 29, 2013

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Best pics I have ever seen!


Agreed very hot

I think it would be much hotter with your wife, don't you??

Great body! Please add.

I love watching and helping my wife too! I enjoy watching her!

I want to eat her ***** so bad!!!! Then rough **** her for a long time!!!!

Mmmmm those pics have got me so wet. Would love to bury my face between her legs x

I'm pretty sure she'd love that. And burying her face between your legs too

My **** gets so HARD...every time I look at these photos...
I gotta stroke my rigid shaft...She is beautiful...Thank You!! :)

breathehard, guess I had asked this before also. Take a pic of you stroking your rigid shaft on her (on screen or printed - stroking or *******), send to me or post here.. Love tributes!!!
Thanks for your comment ;-)

Lovely sexy woman

I love a woman who knows what she wants and how to get there!

I want to EAT her ***** soooo Bad!!!!!!!

Great pics, I also enjoy seeing a woman **********.

Those pictures make my **** so HARD!!! I want to play with her, fondle her **** and eat her sweet *****!!!!!!!

We would love to have a foursome on Skype with the two of you, if your wife is willing.

She's not so into it as before but I'm trying to convince her again

Best of luck


Love the way she's holding her mouth in the last pic! What a fox!

Would love to see our wives together. My wife is ready for her first naked female contact. Soooooo Hot!

I'm sure my wife would not object to naked contact with yours ;-)

Yes, there isn't anything I love more than kneeling next to my wife's face, some hot **** movies playing on our bedroom TV, with both of us ************ while I also fondle her beautiful ****. And when we time it right, so my *** splashes on her face just at the exact moment she starts to come it drives us both CRAZY! Her entire body jerks and jumps around on the bed as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure seems to almost electrocute her with its intensity. She likes to roll her face back and forth under my spurts of *** and as each new gob lands on her face her ***** literally jumps as though I've shocked it with some kind of electrical prod. That, of course, excites me into coming even more, and she will continue to jerk and jump like that, still rubbing her *****, until I finally stop coming. She then opens her mouth and takes my **** inside, just holding it there while both of us begin to slowly cool down. God I love this woman! Clearly you and I are both VERY lucky men!!!

wonderful description... Must do this too but I'm afraid I couldn't stand when she takes my **** inside her mouth after I *** though I'd love to. I become tooo sensitive

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it! Ha. You just have to fight through those super-sensitive feelings and just put it in her mouth and leave it there without her touching it with her tongue other than every now and then for a second. Guaranteed to drive you crazy. So fun and feels amazing!!!

yes, very erotic watching a woman pleasue herself..esp when she nears that ******...
Id love to watch your wife with you

I am sure that you wouldn't have any problems with finding some spectators.
You have a beautiful wife you are a lucky man

the problem is to get her to it

love to join you guys and *** together

would be great

i am hard and wet now

She has a magnificent body, I am so happy you are both willing to share.

i'm willing to share in real too. wish she was more willing for it as well

Perhaps one day.

Thanks for sharing xxx would love to see just how wet she gets... I would be willing to be that other woman

You could both give a spectacular show :-))

great pictures. she's a beauty, thank you

Very erotic pics ..fanks for sharing

A fantasy held by many men but not one often realised. You are very lucky. Great photo's.

Fantastic pics. Very hot wife, and very hot pics of her. Absolutely a turn on.

she looks so sexy.she made me hard.deserves my ***.thanks for share

she does??? please *** on her and let's see

There is nothing more wonderful than watching a girl ********** and ****** all by herself.

Love watching my gf use a ***** on herself !! Especially when she's sucking on my **** !!

She definitely like her toys! I would love to see more of her, please add me. Thanks.